Check this out: [Meta] Does anyone else think the new /r/technology is terrible? via /r/technology


[Meta] Does anyone else think the new /r/technology is terrible?

It has turned 100% into /r/technologypolitics

I guess that was what they were trying to avoid. Last night 23 of the top 25 posts were the same post about net neutrality. The other two posts were political also. It's basically the same now.

I know I can make my own sub, and I know I can gtfo without anyone missing me, but it is my opinion that this sub very quickly turned into /r/politics and barely has anything to do with technology anymore (non-politicized technology, and politics has been the forerunner anyways, with "technology" on the backburner).

Well, I don't like it.

I'd rather hear about phones and computers and servers, etc. There's so many places on reddit to do politics. And it has ruined this subreddit. I checked out /r/tech. Same shit.

Edit: It's a pretty frustrating discussion. What I recommend is a stickied post at the top by the mods for the hot topics for however long they are relevant, rather than hundreds of links to the same or same-ish article. This is common in many subreddits to avoid such clutter.

What I would also recommend is:




And, no, it is not an insane idea that /r/technology discusses things besides US politics, and actually discusses things such as technology news.

I think everyone should listen to /u/catmoon

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