Why you shouldn’t buy the Nexus 7 in India


Lets face it, India is not a top priority market for the big device manufacturers out there, be it Apple, Samsung or Google. I say Google here even though they don’t manufacture it themselves because its branded by them.

The recent launch of the Nexus 5 in India came as a bit of surprise to me, just a few weeks after it going on sale in the US and UK, it has not happened many times before. Nokia however is one exception, India being one of the priority markets.

However, with the Nexus 5 being in the limelight, the launch of the new Nexus 7 has taken much of a subtle response from the public. Not many people have realised that it is on sale in India. The 16GB , 32GB and 32GB with LTE are priced at 20,999 , 23,999 and 28,999 respectively. Sounds compelling doesn’t it? Well, dont get tempted, here’s how you can get it much cheaper from Amazon, if you’re ready to forgo the warranty that is. As you might have heard, Black Friday deals are slowly beginning to creep up, and Amazon already has a few tricks up its sleeve. The Nexus 7 2013 version with 16 GB of memory, originally priced at $229 is being sold at $199 with free shipping, yes, you heard that right, free shipping to India too. Although it takes 9-14 days,  its worth the wait. A direct conversion of currency including a hefty Import fee deposit brings it to just a little shy under 17k. Its definitely worth it.

I personally feel that if you’re ready to lose the warranty and want a tablet for the best price, this is the one to pick.

Edit: The stocks are out!


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